Mirror Contest


We are excited to share the list of winners of the BOI 2024 mirror contest. Congratulations to them, and also everyone who took part in the contest!

1Daniel WeberIsrael600
2Fernando FonsecaBrazil565
3Samvel AndreasyanArmenia512
4Abdelmaged NourEgypt508
5AC OlerChina497
6Bach Hoang XuanVietnam479
7Nguyen Tuan LinhVietnam459
8Tuan Nguyen HuuVietnam458
9Imuri AtsukiJapan449
10Samuel TrajtenbergUnited Kingdom447

Original announcement

We are inviting everyone to participate in the BOI 2024 Mirror contest!

The problems to solve will be the same as the ones on the onsite contest. There will be two mirror contest days, each lasting for five hours.

The Mirror contests will take place one day later than the onsite ones:

The times are written in the current Vilnius time zone. It is UTC+3.

The link to the contest: https://mirror.cms.lmio.lt/

Registration can be found there.

Registration policy

After each day we will publish anonymous results.

After the second day the winners will be announced: their first name, last name, and country (if filled) will be mentioned. However, we will not mention users with inappropriately filled first and last names.

In registration, email address and country fields are optional, you can leave them empty. The email address would only be used to identify you, in case you write us an email. You can write emails to .

However, note that we will mostly monitor the communication in the CMS (Contest Management System), so refrain from writing emails, if possible.